Market Positioning
  Expert in industry-specific market research and media monitoring  



  Research on Consumption Patterns of High Income Group
Two major service systems
  Markert Research Solution
¡¤ Industry tracking solutions
¡¤ Branding solutions
¡¤ Service effectiveness improvement solutions
¡¤ Marketing consulting solutions
¡¤ Market entry solutions
¡¤ New product development solutions
¡¤ Sales effectiveness improvement solutions
¡¤ Competitiveness detecting solutions
Media Monitoring Solution

Based on the monitoring of more than 1,400 print media and over 7,000 websites.


Media coverage£ºChina
Data center£ºBeijing headquarters
Branch£ºBeijing Shanghai Fuzhou Guangzhou Zhengzhou Wuhan Xi'an


¡¤ Auto China 2010 PR Evaluation Report


¡¤ Auto China 2010 PR Evaluation Report on the Auto Sector


¡¤ 2010 Research White Paper on
China¡¯s High-end Consumers


¡¤ Introduction to newspaper and periodical circulation monitoring products of HuiCong D&B Market Research


¡¤ China Window Covering Product Market Survey

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